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Born in 1954, he devoted himself to painting since the end of the 1970s and attended drawing courses at the Foppa high school, becoming a friend of the artist Tita Mozzoni from whom he learned the various artistic techniques. Numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, among the most significant the invitations to the first Under 35 in Bologna on the recommendation of Riccardo Barletta, to the Suzzara Prize invited by Renzo Margonari, to 40 Artists for Gothe-Scuderie Palazzo Ducale Mantova.For A Imprudent Image-Gazzoldo Degli Ippoliti MN.III Biennale don Primo Mazzolari also from Margonari.Presented in the catalog of the exhibition THE ARTIST AND THE BOOK IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY ITALY MOMA-NEW YORK.Present in various biennials of woodcut in Bagnacavallo-RA, in Il Segno and its surroundings-Penne-PE, at Xylograph Triennial Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce-GE, and the VI International Exhibition of Small Format-Ala Ponzone-CR Museum.Among the personal report: Youth Presences-AAB-BS. Mostra-Xilografie Biblioteca- Sormani Milano with texts by Alda Merini and Ito Itaru.Oltre Il Velario Del Sogno-Tikkun gallery curated by Arturo Schwarz and Riccardo Barletta-Milano. The New Man will arrive at Primo's Gallery-BS curated by Riccardo Barletta .At the Museum of the Risorgimento Piccolo Miglio always in Brescia, a personal exhibition of his with large format works entitled In the Gardens of the Dream curated by M.Bernardelli Curuz, in the Diocesan Museum a personal exhibition on the theme of angels entitled Oltre il Sguardo, edited by G. Fusari. Since 1989 he has also devoted himself to graphics, his is the woodcut on the cover of the book by Alda Merini, LA VITA FACILE (Bompiani 1996). Many of his works accompany the books of the Pulcinoelefante and L'Obliquo editions. The magazine "Città e Dintorni" publishes a drawing of his on the cover. His works on the cover of books, including, Technological Innovation and Safety at Work (ed. Anna Kulicioff Foundation). Light Words Grevi Words between clinical psychology and medicine, by Paola Manfredi (ed. Borla). On the cover of Elogio della Cultura by Agostino Mantovani-MarcoSerraTarantola publisher. His works appear in "Vogue Italia", "Tono Minore", "Dentro Casa", "Stile Arte", "nostrolunedì", "L'Ago", "Io Donna" and numerous newspapers. In 2005, curated by Riccardo Barletta, a monograph is published for Primo's Gallery Edizioni. In 2009 he published his catalog in the Giardini Del Sogno for "Stile Arte", curated by Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz. In 2006 he publishes with Father Galdino Tagliabue-Necessità Della Pasqua and in 2007 again with father Galdino Tagliabue -La Notte che Illumina (ed. La Nuova Rapida Cremona). For the editions L'Obliquo has published Il mio Oceano che dorme - with poems by Alberto Casiraghy, 1996. Fatui Fire - with poems by Alberto Albertini, 1997. The Vertical Skyline poems by Allessandro Pelliccioli, 2012, and Oltre il Sguardo in 2013 with texts by Giuseppe Fusari, Agostino Mantovani, Nicola Baroni. Written with Form and Color with texts by Agostino Mantovani, Giulia Bassi 2014, and in 2016 Inside The Mind for the exhibition with Gerardo Losi at Palazzo Loda and Segni Festival of Photography with texts by Antonia Bertelli, Nicola Baroni and Giulia Camilla Bassi.In 2017 Images Appeared-with poems by Agostino Mantovani for the exhibition at the Azimut-Brescia headquarters. Cover of the book-Immigration and Local Contexts-CIRMiB 2017 yearbook curated by Maddalena Colombo, Vita and Thought editions. He was among the founders of the Association Amici del Radio Olindo Alberti Spedali Civili Di Brescia which carries out the logo and takes care of the scenography of the Valentine's Day concert at the theater for some years Grande of Brescia. Invited to present his work at the conference - Journey through the senses in the company of men and women of Art and Science, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Brescia - his work, logo of the conference and analyzed in the introduction of the book that was born subsequently. On him and on the exhibition In the Gardens of the Dream, Gerardo Losi made a photographic work exhibited at the Queriniana Library of Brescia. He curated several photographic exhibitions with texts in the catalog.
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